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Arraignment in Indiana: What You Can Expect to Happen

An arraignment in Indiana typically takes place within 48 hours after an arrest. It often includes the setting of bail and a reading of charges against the defendant.

Posted 4 years ago by Jim Titus

An arraignment in Indiana is typically the same as it is in other states. An arraignment on the charges against someone who has been arrested is a critical step in the legal system.

If someone you know has been charged with a serious crime, it’s important to contact a qualified attorney who can thoroughly answer your questions. Knowing the basic procedures, however, can help you prepare in the days prior to the arraignment.

Common Steps During an Arraignment in Indiana

An arraignment before a judge typically takes place within 48 hours after an arrest. If the individual has already been released, the arraignment may come several days later.

The arraignment, also called an “initial hearing,” essentially serves as the opening of a case. You can expect the following to occur:

How Judges Determine Bail Amounts

Many individuals who work with a bail bond agent believe that the agency can negotiate better terms for the bond. However, that is generally not the case. Only a judge can change the bail agreement.

In order to decide on the parameters of the bail agreement, a judge usually will consider:

  • The extent of the alleged crime
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • Whether the individual is a flight risk
  • The individual’s ties to the community
  • Any potential dangers to the individual or others

Unless the crime is highly unusual or the judge perceives a serious threat, most people are granted bail. In addition to the cost to get out of jail until court hearings are completed, a bail bond agreement often contains other rules. These include such things as forbidding the defendant from coming within a certain distance of another individual, which is common in domestic violence cases.

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