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Bail Bonds in Wyandotte: Answers to Common Questions after an Arrest

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Posted 2 years ago by admin

If someone you know has been arrested or you need a bail bond in Wyandotte, Michigan, you may have many questions.

How do I get him out of jail? Can I even afford to do so? Will my credit rating take a hit if I do? What happens if she leaves Michigan? Will I have to pay the entire amount?

These are only some of the issues that may come to mind all at once. Most people in your situation feel the exact same way, so we are offering general answers that may help.

1. My friend was arrested in Wyandotte. What do I do next?

The first step is to find answers to a few questions, including verifying that your friend was indeed arrested in Wyandotte. If so and the alleged crime occurred within this Wayne County city, your friend will most likely be detained in the local police station.

The Wyandotte Police Department is located at 2015 Biddle Avenue near the downtown area. The general phone number is (734) 324-4405.

If your friend was arrested in Wyandotte but the crime allegedly occurred elsewhere in Wayne County or another county, he or she may have been transferred to that city. Finding out where your friend currently is is the first step.

2. My friend is asking me to bail her out. How much is it going to cost me?

The cost of bail depends on many factors, including the type of alleged crime, whether your friend has a criminal history, and much more. One factor that may help is to determine whether the alleged crime was a misdemeanor or felony. Bail rates for many common misdemeanors are already set, which allows detainees to get out of jail faster. If the crime was a more serious felony or has extenuating circumstances, you may have to wait until he or she is arraigned.

3. What is an arraignment?

An arraignment is a relatively brief hearing where the charges are clearly stated, your friend would make a plea of guilty or not guilty, a preliminary examination date is scheduled, and a bail amount is set. At this time, the judge may set other restrictions, such as forbidding a defendant from seeing a certain person in a domestic violence case.

In a majority of cases, the bail amount is a certain number with 10% of that number accepted to allow the individual to get out of jail. If you pay that 10% and your friend follows all the conditions, you will get your money back. If your friend does not show up for future hearings, you may be liable for that full amount.

Again, in a majority of cases, individuals who have been arrested do show up for their hearings, as they understand how much of a mistake it would be to skip bail.

4. Where will the arraignment take place?

Usually, arraignments would take place at the district court. In Wyandotte, this would be 27th District Court, also located at 2015 Biddle Avenue.

However, due to the pandemic, many hearings are being handled by video to facilitate social distancing.

5. How will a bail bond affect my credit rating?

A bail bond is just like other lines of credit or loans. Other than a few points reduced due to the initial opening of the transaction, it typically doesn’t negatively affect your credit rating as long as your credit was in decent shape to begin with.

These are only answers to some of the basic questions you may have if you need a bail bond in Wyandotte. If you have others that are specific to your friend’s case or your own financial situation, we would be happy to answer them for you. Call us at (313) 244-0669 or email us at for additional information.

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