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Arrested in Detroit?: Bail Bond Facts You Should Know

If someone you know has been arrested in Detroit, you may have many questions about bail bonds in Detroit.

Posted 2 years ago by admin

If someone you know has been arrested in Detroit, a bail bond may help you get him or her out of jail as soon as possible. However, you may have many questions about how bail bonds work, your role in the process, how much it will cost, and much more.

Following are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions about the bail bond process in Detroit.

1. What types of bail exist in Michigan?

Judges in Michigan typically allow for one of the following types of financial agreements:

1. Cash bond

2. Surety/bail bond without a 10% option, where 10% of the full bail amount will be accepted

3. Release on personal recognizance

2. Will I get my fee to the bail bond agency back?

Bail bond agencies charge a nonrefundable fee for the services. The fee is limited by the individual states and is typically 10% of the full bond amount.

3. If I bail my friend out of jail, will it negatively affect my credit score?

A bail bond is similar to any other type of loan or line of credit. As long as you follow the parameters of the agreement and maintain a good credit score otherwise, your credit is usually not negatively affected.

4. Can I change my mind after bailing my friend out of jail?

If you bail your friend out of jail and later become concerned that he or she will leave town, you can cancel the bond, known as “surrendering” it. Keep in mind that if you make this decision, your friend will have to go back to jail.

5. Are all bail bond agencies in Detroit the same?

There are many misconceptions about bail bonds, but the truth is that most of the bail bond process is regulated by local, state, or federal laws. As for costs, therefore, bail bonds agencies in Detroit are similar. The difference is in the experience, availability, expertise, and communication skills of the various bail bond agencies throughout Detroit. The amount of experience will make a difference when it comes to getting your friend out of jail as smoothly as possible.

6. How will the judge set a bail amount? In which situations is bail denied?

The judge will consider several factors when deciding on a bail amount. They may include:

1. The type of alleged crime (misdemeanor or felony)

2. The severity of the crime

3. How likely the defendant is to skip bail

4. The safety of the defendant, victims, and others

5. The defendant’s criminal history

6. The defendant’s ties to the community (which can work for the defendant if he or she has a positive role in the community or against the defendant if he or she has means, opportunity, and a perceived reason to break the rules of the bail agreement)

7. Whether or not the individual has a job that requires in-person work

8. The possibility of another crime being committed

If the judge recognizes that someone may be in danger, the defendant is a flight risk, or another crime may be committed, bail may be denied completely.

7. Can the agent get the judge to reduce the bail amount?

No. A bail bondsman cannot persuade a judge to reduce the bail amount. A lawyer may be able to make this argument, but even then the attempt may be futile.

8. Will I get my money back?

If you bail someone out of jail and he or she attends all the hearings as required, you should get your money back. However, you will not be reimbursed for the fee you paid to the bail bondsman.

9. What can I use as collateral for a bail bond in Detroit?

If a bail bondsman requires collateral, possessions that can be used include your home, your car, or anything else of significant value.

10. Where can I make a bail bond payment in Detroit?

If your friend was arrested in Detroit, you may be able to pay the bail bond amount at the police station where he or she is being held. This is especially so if the alleged crime was a misdemeanor and the bail fee had been predetermined. In other cases, especially felony cases, you will have to wait until the arraignment to discover the bail amount. You also can make a bail bond payment at the Wayne County Circuit Court either in person or through the kiosks available on site. The locations include the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Avenue; Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, 1441 St. Antoine; and the Lincoln Hall of Justice, 1025 E. Forest Avenue in Detroit.

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