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Out on Bond? Here are 7 Things that Might Land You Back in Jail

Drinking and driving is one thing that may land you back in jail in Michigan if you are out on bond.

Posted 3 years ago by Jim Titus

Bail bonds exist for a number of reasons: to protect you, to protect victims, to free jails, and to avoid the perception of cruel and unusual punishment, especially if the individual is truly innocent of the alleged crime. If you are out on bail until your trial, however, it means you have to follow certain rules or you could land right back in jail.

The cost of bail may be only one aspect of the agreement between you and the court. The judge may also impose certain other restrictions depending on your criminal history and the current alleged crime. Breaking any of these rules could affect the outcome of your case.

If you are out on bond, here are 7 things that might land you back in jail or otherwise be detrimental to your case.

1. Getting too close to someone you were told to stay away from

If the original reason for your arrest was domestic violence or other assault, the judge may require you to stay a certain number of feet away from that individual as a parameter of your bail. Breaking that rule would definitely be a mistake, as it could not only land you back in jail, but could strengthen the case against you.

2. Drinking or using drugs illegally

If your arrest had anything to do with intoxication, such as a bar fight, drunken driving, or a drunken driving crash, you may be told to avoid drinking. Doing so anyway would show a disregard for your responsibilities.

3. Being involved in another crime

Although each crime is treated separately, being involved in a different incident while you’re on bail could land you back in jail as well. In that case, if you want to try to get out again, you will need another bail bond and someone to bail you out all over again.

4. Not respecting the wishes of the individual who bailed you out of jail

The co-signer is placing a lot on the line by bailing you out of jail, so you should follow the rules of your bail agreement, even if it’s mainly out of respect for that individual. If you metaphorically go MIA on that individual, he or she could decide to forfeit the bond, which means you must go straight back to jail.

5. Leaving Michigan without permission

Just because you’re out on bail, it doesn’t necessarily mean you absolutely cannot leave Michigan at all. But you need permission from a judge to do so. Valid reasons to request permission to leave Michigan if you’re on bail include having a child who lives outside of the state as well as having a job in another state.

6. Not showing up for your hearings

Clearly, you must return for your hearings and trial if you’re released on bail in Michigan. If you don’t, your bail bond will be forfeited, and you will be sent back to jail. A bounty hunter may even be called on to help find you.

7. Quitting your job

Your job situation will likely be a factor in whether you or not you are allowed bail and how much that bail amount will be. The need to go to work is clearly a powerful reason why you should be allowed out on bail. If you quit your job while you’re out, this would essentially negate this reason.

These are only some of the issues that could get you sent back to jail in Michigan if you are out on bail. If you find yourself in one of these or a similar situation, contact us as soon as possible. We will help you or your cosigner determine the next steps that should be taken. Call us at 313-244-0669 at any time, and we will respond as soon as possible. We are available 24/7.

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