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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do If Someone Calls You After an Arrest

Posted 19 hours ago by admin

After an arrest, an individual has the right to remain silent and has the right to an attorney. That much is true. Contrary to popular belief, however, the “right” to make a phone call isn’t necessarily so in every state. However, individuals who have been arrested may ask to make a phone call and may […]

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What Happens if a Defendant Gets Arrested While on Bail?

Posted 2 weeks ago by Lena

You would think that someone who was arrested and released on a bail bond pending trial dates would be on their best behavior, but that’s not always the case. If a defendant gets arrested while on bail for something unrelated to the original incident, it could impact the original case. It doesn’t usually happen, but […]

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What is the Difference Between Bail and Surety Bonds?

Posted 4 weeks ago by admin

The word “surety” in relation to bail can be rather confusing. In order to clarify the difference between bail and surety bonds, the first step is to define each of the three words. What is bail? The word “bail” refers to the orders a judge gives that enable defendants to get out of jail pending […]

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Bail Bonds in Wyandotte: Answers to Common Questions after an Arrest

Posted 4 weeks ago by admin

If someone you know has been arrested or you need a bail bond in Wyandotte, Michigan, you may have many questions. How do I get him out of jail? Can I even afford to do so? Will my credit rating take a hit if I do? What happens if she leaves Michigan? Will I have […]

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Bail Bonds in Eastpointe, Michigan: Details that Will Help the Process

Posted 1 month ago by admin

If you need a bail bond in Eastpointe, you will need a bail bondsman who understands the community. Why is that so important? It’s because the city’s unique history and central location should be considered. It has actually only been known as Eastpointe since 1992. Prior to that, it was known as East Detroit. Located […]

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Finding a Bail Bondsman in Taylor, Michigan: Making the Best Choice

Posted 2 months ago by admin

Do you need a bail bondsman in Taylor? You may feel overwhelmed, and it’s understandable. Most likely, you’ve never had to work with a bail bondsperson in the past, so you might not know where to begin to find the right one for you. Here are a few things you should look for to ensure […]

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