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Bail Bonds in Eastpointe, Michigan: Details that Will Help the Process

For bail bonds in Eastpointe, Michigan, it's helpful to gather relevant details ahead of time.

Posted 3 years ago by Jim Titus

If you need a bail bond in Eastpointe, you will need a bail bondsman who understands the community. Why is that so important? It’s because the city’s unique history and central location should be considered.

It has actually only been known as Eastpointe since 1992. Prior to that, it was known as East Detroit. Located in Macomb County only a few miles away from Wayne County and Oakland County, it is a central hub geographically for the tri-county area. Although it is a relatively quiet city, the crime rate is 31% higher than the national average.

All of these facts combined mean you need a bail bond agent who knows all three counties well, especially since individuals who are wanted in Eastpointe are likely to be arrested in any one of the neighboring counties.

Once your loved one is sent back to Eastpointe to be tried for the alleged crimes that occurred here, you will need to know who to contact as well. One of our bail bondsmen can help you through the process, but knowing a few facts ahead of time will help.

1. Where the Defendant Currently Is

If the arrest was recent, your loved one is most likely in the local police station. The Eastpointe Police Department is located at 16083 E. 9 Mile Road in Eastpointe. The front desk/business line phone number is (586) 445-5100. Non-emergency dispatch services are contracted out to the South East Regional Emergency Services Authority (SERESA), which can be reached at (586) 777-6700.

2. Where the Individual was Arrested

The location of the arrest may make a difference in how the case is handled and when the arrestee will be sent back to Eastpointe.

3. Why the Individual was Arrested

Knowing what crime or crimes your loved one allegedly committed will help us proceed with the bail bond process faster. It will also help if you can get a hold of the police report and the name of the arresting officer.

4. The Bail Amount

Bail and other fees for common misdemeanors and some felonies may be already identified, which allows arrestees to get out of jail sooner. If the arrest was due to unusual circumstances or a higher level felony, you might not know the bail amount until the individual is arraigned. The arraignment takes place at the local district court within 72 hours after the arrest. 

Arraignments for arrests in Eastpointe take place at the 38th District Court, located at 16101 E. 9 Mile Road in Eastpointe. The phone number is (586) 445-5020. Due to the pandemic, most arraignments are taking place virtually, so a video arraignment is likely.

In addition to the bail amount, try to obtain details about any other bail conditions, such as orders to stay away from a certain person, follow driving restrictions, avoid drinking, complete sobriety classes, remain in the local area, and so on.

5. Bail Payment Options

As the bail amount is set, the judge will explain how the bail must be paid. For the most serious cases and when the individual is a flight risk or a danger, bail might be denied completely. However, that is relatively rare. The more common arrangements are cash bail only, bail with a 10% surety option, community service, and the release of the individual on his or her own recognizance.

Sometimes, obtaining the answers to these questions can be challenging, which is why it’s helpful to have a bondsman who is familiar with the process for bail bonds in Eastpointe. If you need help getting your loved one out of jail in Eastpointe, contact us as soon as possible. We’ll be here for you.

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