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What Happens During the Booking Process in Ohio

The booking process in Ohio, as in other states, includes having fingerprints taken.

Posted 5 years ago by Jim Titus

If your loved one has been arrested, you may be wondering what the booking process in Ohio entails. Waiting to see if they are OK, wondering when they can be released on bail, and worrying about their future can be stressful. Being armed with knowledge can take some of the mystery out of the legal process, and steps involved in booking are relatively quick.

What the Word “Arrest” Means

Let’s start with a fact that not many people understand: Just because someone is “arrested,” it does not mean they will go to jail. The word “arrest” refers more to keeping someone from leaving a scene based on specific legal procedures. Normally, however, people who are arrested do end up being taken to the local jail. In some states, it’s a city jail; in more rural areas it could be the county courthouse, especially in a situation where multiple legal processes occur in the same building.

The Booking Process in Ohio

The booking process in Ohio includes entering the defendant's information into a database.After someone is taken to a jail or other detention center, several general steps will likely take place.

  • Potentially dangerous items may be taken away from the defendant, such as weapons and belts.
  • The individual’s photograph and fingerprints will be taken.
  • If a background check has not already been done, it will likely take place during the booking process.
  • An officer will check for outstanding warrants if that has not already been done.
  • Information about the individual will be entered into a database.

What happens next will depend on the type of alleged crime, the severity of the crime, and the defendant’s criminal history.

In some cases, especially for misdemeanors and low-level felonies, the bail amount is predetermined. In such cases, the individual or a friend can post the bail amount to have him or her released as soon as possible. The individual may even be released on his or her own recognizance.

If the crime is more serious or unusual, the defendant will have to wait until a hearing before a judge, which must take place within 72 hours after the arrest.

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