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Michigan Crime and Police News: Detroit chief reports reduction in crime rates

Although Detroit is still ranked as the second most violent city in Michigan, many strides have been made to reduce the crime rates in Detroit.

Posted 5 years ago by Jim Titus

Detroit police chief reports lower crime rates

Most violent crimes in the city of Detroit are down 2 percent, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig is crediting various initiatives for the reduction in crimes.

According to various reports, homicides, nonfatal shootings, property offenses, aggravated assault, and gun violence in Detroit decreased in 2018.

In fact, reports say this is the lowest number of homicides reported in 50 years. There were 261 homicides in 2018, while there were 267 in 2017 and 305 in 2016, according to The Detroit News.

However, the number of rapes that were reported increased. The Police Department recently made a change in how the allegations are classified, which could possibly have had a bearing on the numbers, according to various reports.

Benton Harbor surpasses Detroit as the most violent city in Michigan

Although the rate of violent crime in Detroit is lower, the number of rapes has not decreased.As of the fall of 2018, Detroit was the second-most violent city in Michigan, according to FBI statistics and various reports.

Benton Harbor, located in Berrien County southwest of Kalamazoo and northwest of Indiana, was named the most violent city in Michigan. Research shows that it had 22 violent crimes per 1,000 residents in 2017, while Detroit had slightly more than 20 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Flint is in the No. 3 spot, followed by Muskegon Heights, located on the west side of the state near Lake Michigan in Muskegon County. The fifth most dangerous city in Michigan is Highland Park, located in Wayne County.

The rest of the 20 most violent cities in Michigan are as follows, according to various reports.

6: Saginaw

7: Ecorse

8: Inkster

9: Albion

10: Benton Township

11: Kalamazoo

12: Lansing

13: Jackson

14: Buena Vista

15: Pontiac

16: River Rouge

17: Flint Township

18: Battle Creek

19: City of Wayne

20: South Haven

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