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What you Need to Know: How is the Detroit Bail Bond Schedule Determined?

How is the Detroit bail bond schedule determined

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

If you or someone you know has been arrested, one of the things you’re probably concerned about is money. In some cases, the bail amounts are pre-determined, while in other cases, they are set at the arraignment. Now, you might be asking yourself, “How is the Detroit bail bond schedule determined?” Well, that depends on a variety of factors.

The Basics: How is the Detroit Bail Bond Schedule Determined?

In some more common crimes such as misdemeanors and low-level felonies, the bail amounts are predetermined. That way, a person who has been arrested can get out of jail faster, assuring that the jail stay is not inappropriately prolonged.

Bail amounts vary based on the type of alleged crime that occurred.

In Michigan, examples of misdemeanors include:

• Assault and battery.

• Aggravated assault.

• Disorderly conduct.

• Indecent exposure.

• Larceny.

How is the Detroit bail bond schedule determined

• Leaving the scene of an accident.

• Resisting arrest.

• Trespassing.

• Urinating in public.

• Reckless driving.

• Driving with a suspended license.

• Domestic violence.

• Prostitution.

• Possession of marijuana.

However, the extent of the crime, factors surrounding the arrest and the defendant’s history could mean that misdemeanors may be treated as felonies.

As stated on the Nolo website, a jailhouse bail schedule is “inflexible.” Only a judge can change the bail amount. A judge also has the authority to change the bail amount or deny bail altogether.

The Pros and Cons: How is the Detroit Bail Bond Schedule Determined?

On the surface, it seems that having a predetermined bail schedule is ideal.

The benefits include having the prisoner released sooner, simplicity and fairness, as well as not wasting law enforcement and court personnel’s time and taxpayers’ money.

The potential downfalls are simplicity and fairness. … You see, it goes both ways.

Circumstances surrounding crimes are not “simple.” If you couple that with the fact that the people who are arrested are different, you basically have a different case each and every time. So how could the bail amount be the same for every assault case, for example? Further, some of the negatives include not factoring in details such as how great the chances are that a defendant will skip bail.

Ask Us: How is the Detroit Bail Bond Schedule Determined?

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How is the Detroit Bail Bond Schedule Determined?

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