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Jails in the Detroit Area

The Oakland County Jail

Posted 8 years ago by Jim Titus

People say it all the time about all types of places: “I pass by it once a week, but now that I’m actually looking for it, I can’t find it!” It’s probably a good thing that jails are among those places. If you do find that you must help a loved one who is in trouble, however, here is a guide to jails in the Detroit area.

Prisons and Jails in the Detroit Area


• Detroit Detention Center
17601 Mound Road
Detroit, MI 48212
Telephone: 313-368-8300
Detroit Police Department Detainee Information Line: 313-596-2242

Additional Information: The Detroit Detention Center makes use of the former Mound Correctional Facility, which was closed in January 2012. The center was opened on August 1, 2013, and operates under an agreement between the Detroit Police Department and the Michigan Department of Corrections. It holds all pre-arraigned individuals 17 years of age or older in the city of Detroit for up to 72 hours. The detainees are booked and fingerprinted by MDOC employees and are arraigned by either the 36th District Court or the 34th District Court.

• Detroit Reentry Center
17600 Ryan Road
Detroit, MI 48212
Telephone: 313-368-3200

Additional Information: The center has buildings for housing, educational and vocational instruction, food services, a health clinic, offices, warehouse storage and security. The prison has a small segregation unit that is separated from the surrounding area, as do some other jails in the Detroit area. The academic program provides for special and remedial education as well as General Education Development completion for all prisoners. The program develops reading skills for each prisoner to the eighth-grade level. On-the-job training is available for porters and food service. The vocational food technology program serves meals as part of the training. About 200 volunteers help staff provide prisoners with faith-based programming.

• Wayne County Jail
Telephone: 313-967-6672

Division 1: “The Andrew C. Baird Detention Facility”
570 Clinton Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Division 2: “The Old Wayne County Jail”
525 Clinton Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Division 3: “The William Dickerson Detention Facility”
3501 Hamtramck Drive
Hamtramck, MI 48212

Additional Information: Wayne County operates the largest jail system in the state of Michigan, which includes three major facilities with an average daily population of about 2,600 people. The facilities house pretrial and sentenced felons and misdemeanants as well as ordinance and civil Friend of the Court violators and U.S. Marshal detainees.

Jails in the Detroit Area


• Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven, MI 48048
Telephone: 586-749-4900

Additional Information: The Macomb Correctional Facility sits on a 100-acre site. It has 11 major buildings and two minor buildings, totaling about 300,000 square feet. The prison has four Level II housing units, two Level IV units and one Level I building. Four other buildings are used for a school, offices, support services and storage.

• Macomb County Jail
43565 Elizabeth Road
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Telephone: 586-469-5151

Additional Information: The Macomb County Jail has 1,238 beds. The jail houses pretrial detainees and prisoners sentenced to one year or less. The facility is staffed by corrections officers, deputy sheriffs, sheriff command officers and a variety of support staff and volunteers.


• Oakland County Jail
1201 Telegraph Road
Pontiac, MI 48341
Jail/Inmate Telephone: 248-858-1800

Additional Information: The Main Oakland County Jail is a maximum security facility that has about 440 inmates. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office also operates a Corrective Services Satellite Division that has an east annex and court services. The total inmate capacity for the east annex is 398. The Corrective Services Division admits about 25,000 new arrests per year.

If You Need Help

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Jails in the Detroit Area

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