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Crimes in Michigan: Class C Felonies

Second-degree home invasion is among the Class C Felonies in Michigan. If someone you know has been arrested and needs help paying bail to get out of jail, contact one of our bail bond agents in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Posted 6 years ago by Jim Titus

Every crime has a different story, but for the purposes of simplifying prison terms and court processes, most crimes are broken down into classes. The classes are identified as A to F, with Class A Felonies being the most severe. We’ve discussed Class A Felonies and Class B Felonies in past blogs, and following is more information about Class C Felonies in Michigan.

What are Class C Felonies?

Punishments for Class C Felonies vary by state, and may depend on other circumstances involved in the crime and the defendant’s criminal history. Someone found guilty of a Class C Felony could face a sentence of 10 to 40 years in prison, and the fine can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

In Michigan, Class C Felonies are generally punishable by 15 years in prison, and the defendant may be forced to pay fines as determined by the specific case. This class of felonies may include:

  • Providing false information when applying for a state identification card, or various other forms of identity misrepresentation
  • Fireworks violation causing death
  • Moving violation causing death to a construction worker or any other person in a work zone or school bus zone
  • First-degree fleeing and eluding
  • Using a signal preemption device causing deathKnowingly releasing toxic pollutants into the air, as well as various forms of manufacturing and delivering controlled substances, are among the Class C Felonies in Michigan. If someone you know needs bail to get out of jail in the metro Detroit area, contact one of our bail bondsmen.
  • Fatal hit-and-run, including a marine accident
  • Reckless, intoxicated, or impaired driving causing death through the use of a motor vehicle, snowmobile, ORV, or marine vessel
  • Operating or serving as a crew member of an aircraft while under the influence causing death, or a third offense of operating under the influence
  • Knowingly releasing air pollutants – intentionally causing death or serious injury
  • Delivery or manufacture of a controlled substance
  • A third offense or more of identity theft
  • Some insurance code violations
  • Abortion resulting in death of female
  • Adulterating or substituting a drug, resulting in death
  • Some forms of assault causing serious impairment or death
  • Assault with intent to commit unarmed robbery
  • Second-degree home invasion
  • Juror intimidation
  • Discharging a firearm from a vehicle, causing injury
  • Unarmed robbery

Get Help Now

If someone you know has been arrested for an alleged Class C Felony, you need to get help from a qualified attorney right away. If you need assistance paying for bail in the metro Detroit area, contact one of our bail bond agents at any time. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you as soon as possible. Call us at (313) 244-0669 or visit our Detroit Bail Bonds website.

See our Detroit Bail Bonds blog page to learn more about categories of crimes in Michigan, possible criminal penalties, and general information about what you can expect from court processes and bail bond processes.

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