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Michigan Driving Violations: Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Michigan Driving Violations and Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Posted 6 years ago by Jim Titus

You’re happily driving along the road, boomin’ your favorite music and singing along, when you see the red lights flash behind you. With your heart slightly racing, your first thought may be, “Is that for me, or is the officer after someone else?” Once you pull over and the officer does stop behind you, you begin to retrace your steps – or in this case mentally drive in reverse – to try to figure out where you went wrong. The officer will most likely tell you the answer relatively quickly: You neglected to renew your license plate tag. Breathing a small sigh of relief, you realize that is a relatively easy fix, despite the fact that you just received a traffic ticket. Other Michigan driving violations, however, may have greater consequences.

Michigan Driving Violations: What May Happen After You Get a Ticket

Pulling drivers over for routine Michigan driving violations is a common way officers locate individuals who have outstanding warrants, who are drunken driving, or who have illegal drugs in the vehicle.

Michigan Driving Violations and Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Often, the traffic citations only require the payment of a fine, and in other cases, you may have to make one or more court appearances. On the other hand, you may possibly get arrested for serious traffic violations or for other crimes that are discovered in the course of the traffic stop.

If you believe you have been wrongly ticketed or arrested, you do have options, however.

You can fight a traffic ticket in Michigan by pleading “not guilty” to the driving violation. You may do so through the mail, over the phone, or in person, according to It is important that you follow proper instructions, respond by the required time, and appear in court, if required. If not, a warrant could be issued for your arrest, and you may be found guilty of a more serious crime related to failing to appear in court.

After you plead not guilty, a trial will be scheduled, which could be a short bench trial before a judge. During the trial, you can make arguments and otherwise plead your case, and the presiding judge or court officer will determine the verdict. If your case involves crimes other than driving tickets, other court processes may prevail, such as a longer jury trial.

Whether you fight the traffic ticket or not, one possible consequence of pleading guilty or being found guilty is the addition of two to six points on your driver’s license. The accumulation of too many points could result in higher insurance costs, and if you have 12 points or more, your license could be suspended or revoked. You may possibly even face jail time.

Contact an Attorney and Bail Bond Agent

If you plan to fight your Michigan driving violations or have been arrested as a result of a traffic stop, it is important to seek legal help. Find a qualified attorney, and contact us through our Detroit Bail Bonds website or by phone at 313-244-0669 for help getting out of jail.

Michigan driving violations and how to fight a traffic ticket. Contact Detroit Bail Bonds for help getting out of jail.

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