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17 Reasons Why a Driver’s License Might Be Suspended in Michigan

Leaving the scene of an accident is one of many reasons why a driver's license might be suspended in Michigan.

Posted 2 years ago by Jim Titus

When people think of license suspensions, they probably imagine crimes related to drinking and driving. DUI convictions are very common reasons why a driver’s license might be suspended in Michigan, but there are many others.

Following are some of the most common reasons why a driver’s licenses may be suspended.

1. Too Many Points on a License

Too many points on a license may lead to suspension of the license. Points may be due to drinking and driving or everyday traffic violations.

2. Child Support Arrearages

Failing to make child support payments may lead to a license suspension depending on how much money is owed and how long it has been since the parent made a payment. Specifically, if the parent owes more than two months of child support, he or she may be arrested and could face license suspension.

3. Vehicle-Related Incidents

Felonies related to driving, or the vehicle itself, can lead to a multitude of penalties and punishments. This includes such things as drug trafficking.

4. Traffic Violations

Certain types of traffic violations may lead to immediate suspension, especially for commercial drivers who are held to a higher standard.

5. Hit-and-Run

Leaving the scene of an accident, as a misdemeanor, is punishable by a 90-day suspension.


Specific types of malicious destruction of property, such as damaging protected trees and land, may lead to a temporary loss of driving privileges.

7. Improper Use of an Interlock Device

Drivers who have previously had their drivers’ licenses revoked due to drunken driving convictions may be required to use an ignition interlock device in order to get their full driving privileges back. Failing to use ignition interlock devices properly, or not using them at all, may lead to an extension of the suspension or revocation.

8. Failing to Appear in Court

In addition to violations related to substance abuse, failing to appear in court is one of the most common reasons why someone’s license might be suspended in Michigan. A warrant likely would be issued for that individual’s arrest as well. This would apply to virtually any type of reason someone would be subpoenaed to appear before a judge.

9. Drive-Offs

Pumping gas and taking off without paying may lead to a license suspension, especially if it is deemed intentional.

10. Using Fake IDs to Buy Alcohol

Minors who use a fake ID to purchase alcohol might get their licenses suspended.

11. Not Having Valid Auto Insurance

Driving without auto insurance is considered a misdemeanor in Michigan. You may lose your license for 30 days, have to pay fines, and may even face a year in jail.

12. Unpaid Tickets

Depending on how many exist, how much the driver owes, and how long the tickets have been outstanding, this includes unpaid parking tickets and other traffic violations.

13. Joyriding

This is defined as driving at high speeds in a stolen vehicle for enjoyment.

14. Fraud

This may include things such as altering or forging certain official documents

15. Unlawful Use of a License

This may include such things as using an expired license or having a fraudulent photo.

16. Failing to Yield to an Emergency Responder

If a driver fails to yield to an emergency responder and this action leads to an injury, the driver’s license may be suspended. If it results in a death, the license may be revoked, and the driver would likely face criminal penalties.

17. UDAA

“Borrowing” someone’s vehicle without permission would be considered unlawfully driving away an automobile.

If your license is suspended in Michigan, you should take this penalty seriously. Driving while your license is suspended can quickly land you in jail, and you will face penalties for not only that but also the original incident that led to your suspension.

A license suspension is temporary, so if you can wait until the term is over, you usually could get your license back simply by paying a fee at the Secretary of State’s office. In other words, driving during your suspension isn’t worth it.

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