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What Happens if a Defendant Gets Arrested While on Bail?

If a defendant gets arrested while on bail, it could impact the original case in certain circumstances. This is a representative image of a man with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Posted 3 years ago by Jim Titus

You would think that someone who was arrested and released on a bail bond pending trial dates would be on their best behavior, but that’s not always the case. If a defendant gets arrested while on bail for something unrelated to the original incident, it could impact the original case. It doesn’t usually happen, but it is something you should be aware of just in case. 

How a Bail Bond is Handled if Your Friend Gets Arrested … Again

We’ve talked a lot about what happens if someone “skips bail,” but not so much about what happens if a defendant gets arrested again while on bail for something else. For example, someone who has been released on bail for larceny could possibly be arrested for an unanticipated fight, an accidental vehicular crash, nonpayment of child support, or any other type of misdemeanor, felony, or civil infraction.  If that happens, it will affect both your friend and you.

The new incident may negatively impact the original case. Although the original case should be tried on its own merits, the defendant’s character may be called into question. The new case will be treated separately, and the defendant will have to go through the entire booking, arraignment, and bail bond process again. The exception is if your friend violated any terms of the original bail orders. In that case, his or her actions may impact the original case.

As for your bail bond in the hypothetical larceny case, you can surrender the original bond, and you will no longer be liable. If you take this route, you will lose the premium that you paid as well as any fees that you paid to a bail bondsman. 

However, if you decide to bail out your friend after the second arrest, you would be liable for both bail bonds as well as related fees. Your bail bond agency will likely not know about the new arrest, so you would have to contact the bail bondsman for a second bond.

Surrendering a Bail Bond

If you do decide to surrender the original bail bond, keep in mind that your friend will end up back in jail for the original allegation.

To surrender a bail bond, you must meet with the bail bondsman who handled the original transaction. You may also be asked where the defendant is at that time.

The bail bond company itself also has the option to cancel the bond as well.

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