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What Surety Means in Relation to a Bail Bond

What surety means in relation to bail bonds refers more to the person or agency than the bail agreement.

Posted 5 years ago by Jim Titus

You may have heard the phrase surety bond and been confused about the difference between a surety bond and a simple “bond.” What surety means in relation to a bail bond, however, isn’t really about the bail terms as much as the person or agency who is setting up the financial arrangement.

What Surety Means

What surety means in relation to bail bonds refers more to the source of the funding than the bail agreement.A surety is a person or firm, such as Detroit Bail Bonds, that agrees to be liable for the conduct, obligation, or performance of another person. In other words, what surety means when it comes before the word bond is something to the effect of, “This bond comes from Detroit Bail Bonds.”

The word also may refer to the “guarantee” associated with the bond.

As a surety, the agency or person gains the right to recover the amount paid from the borrower. This process ensures that if a defendant who is released on a bail bond runs from the authorities, the agency can initiate steps to get its money back.

Breaking the Phrase Down Further: The Difference Between Bail and Bond

People often use the words bail and bond interchangeably, but they really are different. The word “bail” refers to the court agreement that enables someone to get out of jail until court hearings. The bail agreement contains more than only a financial figure. It may also include rules such as avoiding a certain person.

Bond is the financial arrangement for bail. In fact, the word bond can refer to more than just the process of helping someone get out of jail. For example, a bond can also be used by municipalities and school districts to pay for significant projects, as approved by taxpayers.

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