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14 Bail Bond Questions to Ask your Bail Bondsman

Bail Bond Questions to Ask your Bail Bondsman

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

One way to make sure you have the best bail bondsman in Detroit is to ask the questions you need answered. Listen to how confident the bail bondsman is when answering your questions. At the same time, pay attention to the bondsman’s respectfulness toward you. You see, the best bail bond agents understand that this is a difficult and most likely unusual process for you, so the agent should be compassionate.  See the following bail bond questions to ask your bail bondsman, both to help you follow the bail bond process and also decide if the agent you are speaking with at the moment is right for you.

General Bail Bond Questions to Ask your Bail Bondsman

Bail Bond Questions to Ask your Bail Bondsman

  1. What are my bail bond options?
  2. How much is the fee for your service, and what are my options for paying it?
  3. What if I change my mind after my friend is released from jail?
  4. What happens if my friend runs after being released from jail or gets arrested again?
  5. Will this hurt my credit score?
  6. Can the bail amount be lowered?
  7. Is this confidential?
  8. What’s the next step in the court process?
  9. How much experience do you have overall and in metro Detroit specifically?
  10. Do I need to put up collateral?
  11. What information will you need from me before my friend can be released from jail on bail?
  12. Do I get my money back after the case is complete?
  13. What is a felony? What is a misdemeanor?
  14. Where can I find the best attorney?

Seek Additional Answers to your Bail Bond Questions

Each situation is different, so the bail bond questions to ask your bail bondsman should include those specific to your case. The best bail bond agents would be knowledgeable enough to answer your questions or at least direct you to appropriate sources in the local community for the answers.

When a friend is arrested, it’s a trying time for all of you, so you want to work with a bail bond agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and respectful.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask the questions for fear of being judged. We know you care about your friend’s well-being, but you matter too.

If you need more information or help getting your friend out of jail, we are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us through our Detroit Bail Bonds website or by phone at 313-244-0669.

14 Bail Bond Questions to Ask your Bail Bondsman

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